Let’s Try This Again…

Welcome back for Fall TV! This season promises many new shows as well as returning favorites. I’ve taken the summer to really think about what I want this blog to be relative to how busy my schedule is and have come up with Plan C (Plans A and B didn’t go so well earlier this year), so without further ado….

This blog will focus on The Goldbergs. It’s one of my favorite returning comedies and one that I relate to well since I’m only a few weeks older than the real life Adam F. Goldberg. I will also be guest reviewing Jane the Virgin and Criminal Minds for the Last Week in TV column at Spoiler TV. If you are unfamiliar with the website or the LWiTV column specifically, I highly recommend you use the links to check it out – it’s a great community that has become a sort of family to me over the last couple years. You’ll find me in the comments section as Emma so if you’re in the neighborhood, say “Hi!”, I’d love to chat with you about the shows you’re watching!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the first two episodes of The Goldbergs….


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The Day (ish) After – Week in Review

Still getting the hang of this so I apologize for the random nature to the posts. The goal is to post something everyday of the week (even if it isn’t TV related, especially in summer) with a weekly sum up of the shows I watched but didn’t necessarily have the time to do a proper write up for an individual post. So, with that in mind, I give you…

The Week in Review 🙂


Lucifer 1.04: Manly Whatnots
I have mixed feelings about this episode. Overall there was more to like than not but the thing I didn’t like appears to be a trend and not an isolated issue so this makes me a tad nervous.

The Good…
• I loved everything with Doc Martin and Trixie. Those two steal every scene they are in
• Lucifer walking into his living room naked, Chloe getting flustered yet still having the presence of mind to notice the scars on his back and their discussion of how he got them was my favorite scene this week. Just wish Chloe would’ve noticed that he didn’t have any scars from the six rounds he took in the premier episode. Every time Chloe’s shoulder was exposed, her fresh scar was clearly visible.
• Maze vs. Amenadiel was fantastic! He was clearly affected by the cat woman treatment Maze gave him. Woodside and Brandt have some crazy chemistry going on.

…and the Not So Much
• A powerless Lucifer is useless. I’m already having a hard time accepting him tagging along on cases and without his powers, that’s just too much for me to go with. So, unless Lucifer’s powers are changing to be more like Amenadiel’s or Lucifer is losing his immortality but Chloe is gaining it (or something else supernatural-ish), this story line needs to stop if it’s going to hold my interest.

They seem to be setting Maze up to work with Amenadiel. I fully expected this but I didn’t think he’d approach her this quickly in the series (huzzzah for short episode orders preventing the story line from stalling). Amenadiel is looking for a weakness and I’m betting that after shooting Lucifer, Maze is going to call Amenadiel as soon as Lucifer leaves and spill the beans on Chloe. The only reason I am ok with this is because I hope it 1) brings the serial element of the series to the forefront, 2) gives us an explanation on why Chloe is immune (and I expect that reason to make her off limits to Amenadiel) and 3) forces Chloe to believe that Lucifer is the devil since we are back to square one after this episode.


Limitless 1.15: Undercover!
Meh, kinda boring really, I expected more out of an episode with an exclamation point in it. Got a few good laughs – the best part was Naz’s interview (yes, Naz that was naive) but the COTW and how it was presented just didn’t work for me. I am however very interested in what Sands is going to try to do to Rebecca next (please, this isn’t The 100; he isn’t going to succeed in killing her). Morra/Sands made a big mistake by coming to her with a job offer (MI6?!?) as now she knows that there is someone leaking information to them within the CJC. I’m guessing this will lead Rebecca to start investigating everyone in the office and eventually figuring out that it’s Brian – but instead of going to Naz right away, Brian comes clean about everything and they all work together to bust Morra/Sands but not until they can ensure Brian can still get the shot.


Code Black 1.17: Love Hurts
Code Black was my favorite new show of the fall season and while most of the episodes have been very strong, this one was by far the weakest in the series to date – which is a shame since it is the penultimate episode for what is likely the only season. Opening the episode with a Grey’s type girlfriend rivalry and Angus popping pills was already two strikes against the episode and then adding Mama and Daddy fighting over staffing and you’ve hit my “Medical Drama No-No” trifecta. Best part of the episode was the zombie marriage (they really did look great!). Fingers crossed the finale delivers less relationship drama and more medical drama but perhaps another episode like this will make it easier to say goodbye when the Reaper’s scythe inevitably drops on it.


Agent Carter 2.06: Life of the Party & 2.07: Monsters
“Life of the Party” had a lot going on but the best part was Dottie! I loved every scene she was in and the banter with Peggy and Jarvis was fantastic. Whitney is cold and calculating, not unlike Dottie, but my heart broke for her a little bit when she realized that Calvin had betrayed her. I think she truly loved the spineless jerk and I may have cheered when she ZM’ed him [Side note: I’m glad Ray Wise is still with us!]. Not too keen on the Peggy and Sousa almost kiss. As much as I adore them together, that was the worst possible timing for that kind of thing. This episode also saw the return of Jack. He may be an ass but at least he came to warn Peggy, my guess is this is the only time for the rest of the season that I won’t wish Dottie had killed him.

“Monsters” Ha! Dottie managed to get in a “Yo Mama” joke before Whitney got a hold of her. Bridget Regan did such an amazing job in these scenes – she was her normal cool and confident self with Masters but as soon as Whitney arrived, you could see the change in her demeanor. Truly fantastic acting by all. I knew Masters would eventually come after Sousa but it still broke my heart to see him physically broken and then put on a forced leave.

Ana is the best wife ever – she knows that her love is going into a very dangerous situation but sees how he loves it so she gives him her blessing, makes a big meal for Wilkes, and takes a bullet for the team. I knew Dottie would escape but I laughed so hard when they put her in the trunk – I wish we could’ve seen that onscreen as I’m sure that conversation was just as hilarious as Jarvis and Peggy’s conversation about her crowded love life.

I’m glad next week is another double episode – Jarvis is pissed, Dottie is on the loose, Whitney has Wilkes and we all know Sousa is not going to be at home convalescing. So much is about to go down that only getting one episode next week would likely be very bad for my blood pressure!

I have little hope that Agent Carter will be renewed by ABC but I do hope that it can find new life in a deal with Netflix. Peggy is just too much fun to only have three more episodes left.


The Three DC Amigos (Flash, Arrow, LoT)
The Flash is finally back on track. The last two episodes on E2 have been the best of the season and have restored my faith in the show. I know it had a lot of set up to do for Legends so I was patient but when we came back to West family drama, I almost moved the show to the summer binge pile (which is just an optimistic way of saying, “I’ll get to it again someday”). Hopefully we are past the family drama and Wally can just stop by a couple times a season until they kill off Barry for the movies and he takes over the show (c’mon, we all know that’s why he was introduced).

Random Thoughts:
*Is it just me or was Jay acting shady af?
*Any guesses on who the dude in the mask was? I’m guessing it’s Henry, the real E2 Flash
*STAR Labs needs a serious security upgrade

Arrow also had a lot of set up for Legends to do this year but I have found it to be more even than The Flash. Perhaps that’s because Arrow is now on S4 but it’s probably just because I love Neal McDonough and anything he is in! I didn’t think Felicity would be wheelchair bound long but I didn’t expect it to get resolved so quickly. My only complaint with this episode was Thea’s speech to Oliver about William. I’m glad she was supportive but after three seasons of her harping about being lied to, it seems OOC (and ridiculously hypocritical) for her to suddenly be on board with it.

Random Thoughts:
*Glad Donna/Quintin worked it out, when has pushing someone away to keep them safe ever worked?
*Per next week’s promo, Felicity won’t be in the dark about William for very long (pun intended)
*Since Felicity seems to be walking in the last flash forward we got, she must have the surgery to implant the device soon (yea for the first Mr Terrific mention!)

Like The Flash, these last two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow in the 80’s have given me hope that this show will be everything I hoped it would be. The team is bonding and starting to trust each other. The chemistry between all the actors is coming together – you can really tell the cast is getting comfortable with each other. Vandal Savage still isn’t all that scary (sorry buddy but Darhk was more menacing in his small cameo a few weeks ago than you’ve been the entire series combined so far) but now that the team is getting more established, maybe they can focus on making him a bit more threatening.

Random Thoughts:
*Loved that Snart talked Sara out of killing Stein. They have the best chemistry on the team so far
*Wonderful to see Jax and Stein work out their issues, I enjoy both characters but the bickering was getting very old
*Glad that Mick and Ray got some quality screen time. Ray never annoyed me on Arrow but he has irritated me to no end on this show. Hopefully the beating has knocked some sense into him and he’s a little less boyscout in the future
*Who else is crazy excited for 2046 next week?!


iZombie 2.13: The Whopper
I am so glad they found the utopium. I was getting really tired of all the digging and now that New Hope has died, time is a ticking. I knew Major was going to get caught sooner or later and I’d much rather he be taking zombie kill orders from Blaine that Vaughn. Blaine’s dad is worse than Blaine is but the nanny takes the cake. I love that Blaine thawed him out just to get the will changed! Can’t believe we are almost done with this season! I hope it wraps up nicely just in case we don’t get a renewal but I really don’t think there is going to be time. The CW renewals are going to be painful for me this year, I just know it!


The 100, 3.05: Hakeldama
Since I picked this show apart the last two weeks, there weren’t any surprises this week. Bellamy is as broken as I thought he was and Clarke is as determined to save her people as she ever has been. I knew Lexa’s pledge to Clarke was going to come back to bite her in the ass and here it is. I adore Indra and I’m fairly certain she will be leading the rebellion, especially if they “clear” TonDC as Pike is planning. I am a thousand times more interested in the CoL storyline now that Jaha is back with the other Arkadians. Sadly Raven is broken just enough to get onboard his crazy train. I expect Jasper to be the next to get onboard.


Sleepy Hollow 3.11: Kindred Spirits
Well, we all knew the Kindred was going to come back at some point. I like that they went the Frankenstein’s monster route and had him return because he was becoming more human and wanted companionship. We also got to see that Abbie isn’t as ok as she wants everyone to think she is. Subconsciously drawing the rune from the catacombs in her blood on the table was definitely not a good sign. Pandora seems to be regretting bringing her dearest back from the dead – especially since he dusted the Kindred and his bride because of love. Not exactly relationship material in my opinion.


Second Chance 1.06: Palimpsest
This show keeps getting better and better, its low ratings are a real shame. Mary’s boy toy has anger issues, her admin is betraying her and both Otto and Jimmy are jealous. Gotta admit, I did not see the admin betrayal coming. Good thing Mary’s numbers are improving since she is going to need all the strength she can get. I hope the first season wraps up nicely as we are unlikely to get a second season but there are so many balls in the air right now that I’m not sure that’s going to be possible!


Telenovela 1.10: Caught in the Act
This week was back to the humor of the earlier episodes. We all know that whenever Ana decides to “help”, everything backfires but trying to fix your ex-husband’s issues for his new girlfriend should be an obvious don’t-touch-that-with-a-ten-foot-pole situation. Meanwhile, Rodrigo thinks he is missing out on being a parent which leads him to revisit an old girlfriend that suddenly stopped talking to him. Of course, nothing turns out as expected but in both cases, it seems to be for the best – ya, only in a telenovela would that happen!

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The Day (ish) After – Outsiders 1.04: Rubberneck

I’m still putting the finishing touches on my TV week in review and it turns out I have more to say about this week’s episode of Outsiders than I thought! If you haven’t checked this show out yet, I highly recommend it. The first three episodes are still available to stream on WGN’s website. If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked by the end of the first episode and buying the season pass on Amazon the next day 🙂

On the surface, this show may seem pretty straightforward. Big mining company wants to blow up a mountain but there are a bunch of uneducated, inbred hicks blocking the way. Add in a group of environmentalists and this may seem like a “been there, done that” storyline. However, that would be a gross oversimplification and a complete disservice to the depth of the characters, on and off the mountain. This show has established more characters and culture in four episodes than others have in an entire season.

Last week, Asa went on the offensive and warned the townsfolk that if they tried to take the mountain, they would die (see clip here). This week, Asa upped the ante when he gets his hands on one of the mining company’s drones. I laughed when the high-tech piece of equipment was taken out by a ten year old with a sling shot. Since Asa left the mountain and lived “normally” for ten years, he is lot more tech savvy than anyone in town gives him credit for. My favorite scene was Asa stealing Ledda’s laptop and then returning it once the drone was reprogrammed. My second favorite scene was seeing the effects of his reprogramming job – I would be sufficiently freaked out if I was that CEO!

Meanwhile, Lady Ray wakes up after being attacked by her eldest son. She appears to not remember what happened and everyone celebrates her return. Later, she calls him to her home and lets him know she does indeed remember his attempt to kill her and even though Big Foster says he’s sorry, Lady Ray straight up tells him that she will take him out herself and name another Bren’in if he so much as puts a toe out of line. I adore Lady Ray’s strength in that moment because in the next, she gives one of her girls the order to never leave her alone with him again – clearly she loves him but is also afraid of him. Lady Ray doesn’t have such reservations about Asa. Soon as Asa returns from his shenanigans in town, he meets with Lady Ray. In a round about but rather poetic way, she tells Asa that her son is batshit crazy but she can’t kick him out. Once again, Lady Ray mentions the prophecy we first heard of in the pilot episode and stresses to Asa that she believes he is the “good one” and the only hope for the future of the Farrell clan.

In other news, the Sheriff loses his head, Big Foster sets his son after Asa (really thought Asa would’ve done better in that fight) and G’Win agrees to marry Lil Foster. This ride is just getting started and I can’t wait for all the twists and turns that are coming!


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