Let’s Try This Again…

Welcome back for Fall TV! This season promises many new shows as well as returning favorites. I’ve taken the summer to really think about what I want this blog to be relative to how busy my schedule is and have come up with Plan C (Plans A and B didn’t go so well earlier this year), so without further ado….

This blog will focus on The Goldbergs. It’s one of my favorite returning comedies and one that I relate to well since I’m only a few weeks older than the real life Adam F. Goldberg. I will also be guest reviewing Jane the Virgin and Criminal Minds for the Last Week in TV column at Spoiler TV. If you are unfamiliar with the website or the LWiTV column specifically, I highly recommend you use the links to check it out – it’s a great community that has become a sort of family to me over the last couple years. You’ll find me in the comments section as Emma so if you’re in the neighborhood, say “Hi!”, I’d love to chat with you about the shows you’re watching!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the first two episodes of The Goldbergs….


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