The Day (ish) After – Outsiders 1.04: Rubberneck

I’m still putting the finishing touches on my TV week in review and it turns out I have more to say about this week’s episode of Outsiders than I thought! If you haven’t checked this show out yet, I highly recommend it. The first three episodes are still available to stream on WGN’s website. If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked by the end of the first episode and buying the season pass on Amazon the next day 🙂

On the surface, this show may seem pretty straightforward. Big mining company wants to blow up a mountain but there are a bunch of uneducated, inbred hicks blocking the way. Add in a group of environmentalists and this may seem like a “been there, done that” storyline. However, that would be a gross oversimplification and a complete disservice to the depth of the characters, on and off the mountain. This show has established more characters and culture in four episodes than others have in an entire season.

Last week, Asa went on the offensive and warned the townsfolk that if they tried to take the mountain, they would die (see clip here). This week, Asa upped the ante when he gets his hands on one of the mining company’s drones. I laughed when the high-tech piece of equipment was taken out by a ten year old with a sling shot. Since Asa left the mountain and lived “normally” for ten years, he is lot more tech savvy than anyone in town gives him credit for. My favorite scene was Asa stealing Ledda’s laptop and then returning it once the drone was reprogrammed. My second favorite scene was seeing the effects of his reprogramming job – I would be sufficiently freaked out if I was that CEO!

Meanwhile, Lady Ray wakes up after being attacked by her eldest son. She appears to not remember what happened and everyone celebrates her return. Later, she calls him to her home and lets him know she does indeed remember his attempt to kill her and even though Big Foster says he’s sorry, Lady Ray straight up tells him that she will take him out herself and name another Bren’in if he so much as puts a toe out of line. I adore Lady Ray’s strength in that moment because in the next, she gives one of her girls the order to never leave her alone with him again – clearly she loves him but is also afraid of him. Lady Ray doesn’t have such reservations about Asa. Soon as Asa returns from his shenanigans in town, he meets with Lady Ray. In a round about but rather poetic way, she tells Asa that her son is batshit crazy but she can’t kick him out. Once again, Lady Ray mentions the prophecy we first heard of in the pilot episode and stresses to Asa that she believes he is the “good one” and the only hope for the future of the Farrell clan.

In other news, the Sheriff loses his head, Big Foster sets his son after Asa (really thought Asa would’ve done better in that fight) and G’Win agrees to marry Lil Foster. This ride is just getting started and I can’t wait for all the twists and turns that are coming!


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