The Day (ish) After – Shadowhunters 1.05: Moo Shu to Go

I watch a lot of TV and it has rapidly come to my attention that I do not have the time to watch and write about every show I watch on a regular basis. So, to remain sane and not have this blog feel too much like work, I’ve decided to narrow my focus to the episodes and/or performances that stand out. Basically, The 100 and any other show that seems to be having a great week. This is where Shadowhunters comes in.

The reason Shadowhunters stood out this week is because of the noticeable improvement. Not only did the writing improve, but the acting did too. Not sure if this is a chicken/egg kind of situation where the better writing allowed the actors to really shine or if the actors are finally getting used to each other and their performance is making the writing seem better. Either way, this episode has been the best so far by a mile.

Two performances in particular stand out: Matthew Daddario (Alec) and Alberto Rosende (Simon). Alec has quickly become one of my favorite characters. Izzy and Simon are still my favorites but Alec is certainly giving them a run for the money. Can’t wait to see more of Daddario’s interaction with Harry Shum Jr.’s Magnus – their character interaction was the highlight to last week’s episode and even the brief phone call this week was much more fun than any of the Jace and Clary scenes.

In short, this week’s character mix up with Jace/Izzy and Alec/Clary/Simon on separate mission was a blast to watch and I hope the writers do this group mix up more often – the weakest link here is still Jace/Clary but mixing up the pairings went a long way towards smoothing some of those rough edges.

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