The Day (ish) After – The 100, 3.03, Ye Who Enter Here

I was going to watch my Three DC Stooges today (LoT, Arrow and The Flash) but instead, I watched this episode of The 100 another half dozen times. I regret nothing. There are several scenes that stand out for one reason or another for me so let’s break it down…

First and foremost, no ALIE story line this week. This was a good change as it kept the pacing of the episode even. I understand that Wanheda Parts I & II were the set up for this and any future seasons but the switching back and forth between the two story lines made the pace uneven and I felt like neither story line was getting the attention it needed. I’m still not sold on the ALIE/City of Lights story line – mostly because Jaha is batshit crazy and only Murphy’s snark made him bearable. Now that Murphy has separated from him, my only interest in this story line is the how/why ALIE dropped the bombs. That being said, I trust Jason to sow the right seeds at the right times this season so when this story line moves front and center, it will be worth it.

Also missing this week is Monty and Jasper. I love Monty so in retrospect, I’m very glad he was not with Raven and Sinclair at Mt Weather as I fear he would’ve met the same fate as Gina. Seriously, I have feared for his character’s longevity since Jasper got a spear to the chest so while not seeing him sucks, at the same time it means he’s still alive. On this show, that’s a win. I’m glad we didn’t see Jasper this week. He is all kinds of messed up and I needed a break from the reckless behavior we saw in Wanheda Parts I & II. Hopefully, the next time we see him he will be in a better place now that Mt Weather has gone boom. But, I digress…

We open the episode a week after the events of Wanheda Part II and Clarke is no closer to forgiving Lexa for her betrayal at Mt Weather. They needed to have this conversation – both sides said things that the other needed to hear and I’m glad that both were calm even though you could see the emotions that were boiling under the surface. After the tense conversation, Lexa is in no mood to deal with the Ice Nation’s bullshit and over the side of the balcony their Ambassador goes. Am I the only one who cheered? Am I the only one curious about the tattoos on Titus’s head?

Back from commercial break and we are at the outskirts of Polis with Abby, Kane and some red shirts getting ready to enter Polis for the summit. Kane, once again proving that he should be the Chancellor, objects to bringing a med kit from Mt Weather with them as he recognizes that it would likely be a sore spot with the Grounders and could put the treaty they are seeking in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Raven, Bellamy, Octavia and Gina arrive at Mt Weather. It was weird to see the door covered in sunshine with flowers growing around it. More proof that time moves on no matter what happens. Anyone surprised that Farm Station has already started moving into Mt Weather? Yea, me neither. As the group approached the dining area, the only thing I could think of was the final scene in the Season 2 finale when they walked in and saw all the dead bodies. After Octavia “spiritedly” takes her leave from the group and Sinclair gives Raven a laundry list of things that need to be fixed at Mt Weather, we are whisked back to Polis where one of my favorite scenes begins…

Clarke is enjoying some time outside when Prince Roan joins her. Since I absolutely adore Roan, I will do my best to get thru this part objectively and without gushing like a preteen.

Clarke: Well, if it isn’t the Prince of Azgeda.
Roan: Don’t be fooled. I’m a prisoner here same as you.
Clarke: You’re the reason I’m a prisoner here.
Roan: Relax Wanheda; I’m here to help you.
Clarke: Sure you are.

Love that Clarke isn’t buying what he’s selling. I wonder if Roan knows her name. It’s been a week so I’m guessing he’s at least heard it which begs the question, does he continue to call her Wanheda as a sign of respect or to mock her?

Roan: The Commander promised to lift my banishment if I delivered you safely. She broke our               deal. I’m willing to strike a new one with you so we both go home.
Clarke: I’m already going home.
Roan: Then you won’t have a chance to get what you really want.
Clarke: What would you know about what I want?
Roan: I saw the look on your face when I took that hood off. You want revenge.
Clarke: You want to kill her?
*Roan nods*
Clarke: So kill her.
Roan: You can get close. I can’t. You’ll find a knife under your bed when you return to your                     room. I’ve already bought enough of the guards to get you out of here. If you do this Azgeda will   take control of the coalition and you’ll find a strong and grateful ally in the Ice Queen.
Clarke: And why should I trust her? From what I hear, she’s worse than Lexa.
Roan: That’s because you’ve been talking to Lexa. Look, I’m trying to do what’s right for our                  people. This is what’s right for yours.

OK, so why did I just transcribe this entire scene? Because I can’t reconcile what Roan is offering to what we know about the Ice Queen. It’s been well established that the Ice Queen wants to kill Clarke to take her power as Wanheda. If Clarke were to kill Lexa, it’s very likely she would inherit Lexa’s power (the Spirit choice we learned of last season). That would make Clarke very powerful in Grounder culture. I find it hard to believe that the Ice Queen would be a “grateful ally” to Clarke when killing her and taking her power would make the Ice Queen essentially untouchable in Grounder culture. So, this leaves me to wonder if Roan was just trying to get Clarke to do his dirty work or if he was testing her to see if she would let revenge dictate her actions. Roan clearly doesn’t share his mother’s lethal attitude or he would’ve killed Bellamy but he does want what is best for his people…same as Clarke, so I’m leaning towards it being a test to see if she could put aside her personal feelings and do what was in the best interest of her people (even though she willingly went into exile from them). I don’t think Roan puts much stock in the belief that killing Wanheda will give him her power. In fact, I think his beliefs are in line with Lexa’s; he would be stronger with Wanheda’s support than some intangible power he inherited from killing her. After all, if Wanheda is still alive, she can still kill.

Moving on…

Back at Mt Weather, Bellamy and Octavia have a chat about Octavia not fitting in anywhere. I love their relationship and it pains me to know that there is a falling out ahead for them. Unfortunately, the heart to heart is interrupted by Echo’s return who warns of assassins and more death. I understand why Bellamy trusted her but the fact that’s she Ice Nation, and she got all shifty when Bellamy said she could be trusted, set off giant warning bells. Sadly, no one else noticed because Pike has his heart set on missiles and Sinclair isn’t down with this plan even if he had the codes.

Sinclair: Don’t make this about the missiles
Pike: This is about survival. We don’t have the numbers but the missiles in this mountain even             the playing field. You know I’m right
Sinclair: Even if I did agree with you, we still don’t have the launch codes.
Raven: No, but we have me
Sinclair: And you accuse engineers of arrogance
Raven: I’m growing as a person

Bwah! That’s my Raven! I get where Pike is coming from, I really do. However, someone needs to sit him down and tell him about season two stat because his mentality is going to get people killed. But, no time for that now, we are off to Polis to save the day. Gina, Raven and Sinclair stay behind and I can’t help but smile at Bellamy and Gina’s goodbye. They are so cute that I add Gina to the questionable longevity list with Monty. But wait; before we can get to the commercial break, we are introduced to the would-be assassin. Dude is seriously creepy. Like Criminal Minds creepy. And the watch? That should’ve been my first clue that the smarmy Emmerson is somehow involved with this.

Another commercial break to catch our breath and we are back in Polis. Kane and Abby have arrived and are as impressed as we are. Those effects are amazing. Abby realizes that Kane is better suited to be the Chancellor and tries to give him the Chancellor pin back. Kane thinks the Chancellor should be elected. In theory, I would agree but knowing the trouble that Pike is likely going to cause, I say a quick prayer that all hell breaks loose before the election can be announced. Meanwhile, Lexa is sparring with a young boy and he gets a good shot in. I’m impressed. So is the Commander. I’m curious about the role of the Nightbloods but Lexa and Titus’s conversation about Clarke is more intriguing.

Titus: Not one of the twelve clans will accept it.
Lexa: They will accept it when they see Wanheda bow before me.
Titus: She won’t even see you. Yet everything you do elevates her. Why?
Lexa: Clarke elevates herself. She’s special.

First thing that came to mind – Lexa is setting Clarke up to take her place as Commander of the coalition if she should die. I think it’s clear that Lexa’s spirit will chose Clarke to replace her upon death so her actions now serve to solidify Clarke’s place among the Grounders and ensure their acceptance if/when the time comes for her to lead (my prediction: Lexa dies at the hands of the Ice Queen, Clarke kills the Ice Queen and takes over as Commander of all the clans just in time to fight ALIE).

Back at Mt Weather, hacking into the system to get the launch codes isn’t going well but Gina comes up with the brilliant idea that the President probably wrote down the launch codes (glad to know that even 100 years from now, no one will be able to remember their passwords) and is off to the President’s office to snoop. Alone. Oh dear, she has just skyrocketed to the top of the questionable longevity list. Sadly, she’s not at the top of the list for very long as she is viciously stabbed by the assassin that is in fact at Mt Weather, not Polis.

Things aren’t much better at Polis. Our group arrives to find the two red shirts guards dead and follows Echo into the tunnels under Polis. Back in her room, Clarke is contemplating the knife Roan left for her when Lexa arrives. I didn’t think Clarke would actually kill Lexa but the pain in Clarke’s eyes did give me pause for a moment. Lexa’s apology seems to have acted as a release valve for all the pain and anger Clarke had been holding onto and allowed her to think clearly, to think like the leader she is. Clarke goes to tell Abby and Kane the new terms of the summit and her reunion with her mum isn’t as warm and fuzzy as I thought it would be. Clarke is in leader mode and needs to get Abby and Kane up to speed quickly but I thought she would be a little happier to see her mum.

Finally, the summit is starting and the Grounder Anthem is the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a very long time. Having this song play while we switch between Clarke bowing before Lexa, Bellamy’s group killing the lift operators and the assassin making final preparations was breathtaking, heartbreaking and haunting. Not since the 320 people volunteered to die on the Ark to give others more time has a scene left such an impact on me.

Right as Kane receives the mark for the Arkadians to become the 13th clan, Bellamy and company storm the summit. Echo has disappeared and Octavia realizes they were deceived when Raven comes over the radio with the news that Mt Weather has been blown to bits, along with everyone but her and Sinclair. When the assassin set the auto destruct, I knew right then and there that everyone inside would die. It’s The 100, there are no last minute saves but watching the last seconds run off the timer in the reflection of Gina’s dead eye gave me chills.

Three things come to mind as the episode closes:
1. I wish Clarke would’ve had more time to talk to Bellamy. Both of them are going to have a difficult path ahead and I wish they parted on better terms
2. Proud of Clarke for not letting the loss of more people cloud her thoughts and instead, wondering how the Ice Nation knew about the self-destruct
3. Lexa bowing to Clarke pretty much cements my head canon that she is preparing Clarke to take her place as Commander if/when she dies

Last but not least. The one thing that has nagged at me every time I have watched the episode…

Roan was the second to bow after Clarke. Was he bowing to Lexa or Wanheda?

My head canon says Wanheda.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  You win an imaginary medal for making it thru this ridiculously long post 🙂

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