The Day (ish) After – Oops, Behind Already

Oops, I’m already behind on the TV viewing!  Did a little catch up today and here are my quick thoughts on Agent Carter, iZombie, Lucifer, Telenovela and The X-Files.

Agent Carter – 2.04 – Smoke and Mirrors
This episode took a break from the action to delve into Whitney/Agnes’ and Peggy’s pasts in order to put their current actions into context. We see that Whitney/Agnes’ superior intellect emerged at a young age and Peggy would rather be the dragon slayer than the princess. I don’t think we needed the additional background on Peggy but getting a few more details was a great way to compare and contrast our two main ladies and how both of them shirked social norms to become the women on opposite sidesth they are now. I can’t believe Peggy ever thought she wouldn’t be good at field work – the way she jammed the needle into Hunt’s neck and calmly told him that she was willing to blur the lines to get what she wanted had me convinced! Likewise, Whitney seems to finally be taking control. After absorbing Hunt, I hope that her husband now realizes that she is far more powerful and dangerous than the Council is.

Other Tidbits…
*Can’t wait for more Peggy/Masters face offs. Peggy knows he’s in the Council’s pocket and will be keeping an eye on him.

*Am I the only one who teared up when the officers broke the news to Peggy’s mum that her brother had died and Peggy broke down in her room?

*When Wilkes saw the portal looking thing on the chalkboard, is that his conscious seeing the zero matter crack in Whitney’s head because that’s where his physical body is?


iZombie – 2.11 – Fifty Shades of Grey Matter
This was the big episode with the Kristen Bell voice cameo – never realized how much Kristen and Rose sound alike. I wish we could get an actual appearance by Kristen Bell but this will suffice for now.

This has to be my favorite brain so far. When Liv slapped Ravi’s bum I burst out laughing. I haven’t laughed this much at iZombie in a long time and it was a welcome change. Also got to give props to Major for being able to lie on his feet so well. One of my biggest frustrations as a viewer is characters getting caught because they can’t come up with a convincing lie – it really isn’t that hard! I know Major’s secret is going to come out soon, especially since Ravi doesn’t seem to believe him about Minor’s family looking for him but since Major has been lying to everyone all season, it would be doubly frustrating if he hadn’t thought up a convincing lie to cover for Minor’s presence or eventual absence before now.

So happy to have Peyton back but her sleeping with Blaine was just as icky as I thought it would be. I just wanted to smack Peyton – even if Blaine wasn’t a murderer and the one responsible for Liv’s zombie status, he is her star witness in a major case. You don’t sleep with your witnesses if you want them to have any credibility or you want to maintain a modicum of respect in your profession.

Other Tidbits…
*Anyone else wondering if Gilda and Peyton will become zombies? If the zombie virus acts like other viruses then it can still be transmitted even if it’s dormant. My guess is that both will turn, or become some sort of hybrid when/if Blaine and Major revert.

*Who thinks Ravi is going to be the first one to figure out what Major is up to?

*I really hope they don’t kill Dale off – her and Clive’s interactions are hilarious!

Favorite Quotes:
1. Muriel: “Ah, this is Grace’s pre-release copy of her audiobook. Have a listen.” Liv: “The Upright Position, as read by Kristen Bell. I’ve always felt a connection to her.”
2. Dale: “I hate tea, burnt water with plants in it. Some dick took the last K-cup.” **Clive drinks guiltily** “I’d throw this in your lap if I wasn’t going to use it later.”
3. Dale: “Ugh, why is the little dot not coming up?” Clive: “You got to tap reload to make it…” Dale: “Did you hear that? It sounded like a man who’s never used an app in his life trying to mans-plain.”

Lucifer – 1.02 – Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil
A great second outing – music is wonderful and the acting is top notch – but… the procedural part is not working for me and the reason why is because Lucifer has no reason to be there. The totally unqualified detective sidekick works in shows like Castle, Forever and Rosewood because there is a plausible reason for it. Beckett is Castle’s muse and he is allowed to be there as a PR stunt for the department. Henry is the ME, it’s natural that he would accompany Jo on investigations. Rosewood is a one man CSI lab so again, makes sense that he is with Villa. Charm can only get you so far and in my opinion, it’s not enough to get you the sidekick job. Lucifer’s only there because he is curious about why Chloe is immune to him – which would be better showcased if he was on the perimeter of the investigation and causing mischief that would force her to seek him out instead of trying to insert himself into investigations where he could end up getting her fired (or arrested) for things like tampering with evidence. If they insist on keeping the procedural aspect in this show, then they need to clean that part of the storyline up a bit.

Other Tidbits…
*Love the shrink – she is ridiculously unprofessional but she is a great foil to Lucifer’s “devil may care” attitude

*I am not a kid person but if more were like Trixie, I might be. Of course she’s seen the movie!

*Mazi is quite unhappy with Lucifer’s change – who else thinks she will team up with Amenadiel to get Luci back in hell?


The X-Files – 10.03 – Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
That was hilarious. If actual comedies were half as funny as this episode was, I’d watch more of them. Between Mulder chasing the suspect with a continuously flashing camera, having a complete conversation with Scully without Scully having to actually say anything, and being disarmed like a Winchester, I laughed to the point of tears thru most of the episode. This was a great stand-alone episode and in the end, despite everything, Mulder still wants to believe (cue the feels…).

Favorite Quotes:
1. Mulder: “Did it look anything like this?” Hooker: “No. The thing I saw only had two eyes and it was wearing underwear.” Scully: “Boxers or briefs?” Hooker: “Tighty whitey’s. Same kind I used to wear.”

2. Scully: “Mulder, the internet is not good for you.”

3. Guy: “Ever since I became a human I can’t help but lie about my sex life.”


Well, that just leaves Telenovela which I don’t really have much to say about.  I don’t have kids nor do I have any desire to ever have kids so I couldn’t really relate to this episode to see the humor in it.  Sadly, the ratings aren’t so fabulous so I’ll likely have to enjoy what’s left.

That’s it for now…going to watch my DC block of shows (Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and The Flash) tomorrow as well as re-watch The 100.  This week’s episode was too good to write based on just a single viewing!  Also, I will be reviewing Jane the Virgin for Spoiler TV‘s “Last Week in TV” article to be published on Monday, Feb 8th.  I’ll post the link once it’s up 🙂

Cheers Everyone!

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