The Day (ish) After – Galavant 2.09/2.10

Holy cow. Here it is. My first post.  I agonized over what it should be and started thinking about my favorite things.  Well, one of my favorite things is sitting on my ass watching TV. Actually, sitting on my ass watching TV while eating is my favorite thing but my angry thyroid put a stop to that. My original intention was to do a weekly post about all the shows I watched over the last week and briefly discuss what worked and what didn’t but for someone who doesn’t own a TV, I watch a lot of TV and the post for last week would’ve been a monster. So, new plan…daily (ish) reviews on my favorite TV shows.   First up – Galavant, Episodes 2.09 and 2.10:

I’ve been with Galavant since the beginning and these last two episodes were just about perfect. The Jester’s recap song to the original Galavant tune brought back all the feels from Season 1 and was my favorite song of Episode 9. At the beginning of this season, I thought the story would focus on (Gary!) Galavant getting Isabella back so to also have substantial story lines for Richard, Gareth and Madalena has been a real treat. Richard’s character growth this season has been a particularly wonderful surprise and Roberta has been a great addition to the cast. Clare Foster plays off Timothy Omundson very well – the scene at the docks was sweet and hilarious. Other favorite scenes include Sid bringing an army, Isabella and Madalena’s final confrontation, Richard embracing his inner King, Wormwood’s final words was wedding advice, everyone’s happy ending (including a Dragon!) and the monks return for the final song. This was a satisfying end to a great season so if we don’t get that surprise renewal, I’ll be fine with this being the end. Season 2 was a bit more serious than the first season but overall, I enjoyed it more – the songs were better and Galavant finally got the girl. However, I hope ABC can see past the low ratings and give the fans another surprise renewal so we can find out all the terrible things Madalena has in store for our heroes.

If you haven’t checked out this gem yet, I highly recommend it. If you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy the musical aspect of it, both soundtracks are available on iTunes and below are my Top 10 Songs from Season 2.

Favorite Songs of Season 2
1. I Don’t Like You
2. Goodbye
3. Finally
4. A Real Life, Happily Ever After
5. Season 2 Finale
6. A New Season
7. Off With His Shirt
8. Serenade (Maybe You Won’t Die Alone)
9. Galavant Recap
10. A Good Day to Die

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